An illustrator for over 30 years, Lynn Bywaters creates original drawings and paintings for greeting cards and children’s books.  She also designs a signature line of collectible figurines for Lenox.  Through licensing, her work appears on a variety of products - from puzzles and prints to gift bags and tins.

     Most of Lynn’s finely detailed paintings are small:  5 1/2” x 7 3/4”, and done in Winsor & Newton gouache on 3-ply Strathmore Cold Press paper with a #2 Winsor & Newton Series 7 watercolor brush.  Because of the extreme detail in these paintings, they can be enlarged many times over without losing their integrity.

     Lynn’s studio overlooks gardens and a pond that borders farmland along the Connecticut River.  She is entertained daily by the great variety of birds and animals attracted to the area, many of which find their way into her paintings.  She enjoys gardening, hiking, her family and friends, daily walks with her dog, and occasionally, her cat.


     Nikki  &  Grizzly

Books Illustrated:

William Shakespeare’s The Tempest   adapted by Marianna Mayer

“Tiny Tomes” series:  Astrological Signs   by Stephanie Russell

A Treasury of Children’s Literature   edited by Armand Eisen

Sleeping Beauty   retold by Samantha Easton

Cinderella   retold by Samantha Easton

The Night Before Christmas   by Clement C. Moore       (Lynn Ferris)

Little Red Riding Hood   retold by Armand Eisen

Goldilocks and the Three Bears   retold by Armand Eisen

Basil of Bywater Hollow   by Jill Baker    (illustrated by Lynn Bywaters Ferris)

Find Lynn’s work:

Honorable Mention   2012   “On The Green” Fine Art & Craft Show - Glastonbury, CT   

Honorable Mention   2012    The Artist’s Magazine  All Media Art Competition               

Third Place Water Media   2014  “On The Green”  Fine Art & Craft Show - Glastonbury, CT

Included in “Plated to Paint”    The Artist’s Magazine  September, 2014

Honorable Mention   2015   CPSA  “ArtSpectations” Colored Pencil Online Competition

            Lynn’s portrait photo by Harold Shapiro

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             Colored Pencil photos by r. j. phil